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2023 Sheffield Property Data

Historical property prices, rents, yields & much for Sheffield‘s residential property market

Sheffield is south of Yorkshire and the home of steel. Although steel is still an import industry for the city other key industries today include logistics and distribution, health and education, financial, legal and professional services and telecoms.

The University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) is located in Sheffield alongside global companies like Rolls Royce, Boeing and vehicle manufacturer McLaren, who have set up a new Composites Technology Centre. The city is also extremely well connected and will be linked on the new HS2 line meaning London will only be 87 minutes away. Property prices are still relatively low in Sheffield with potential bargains to be found.

Postcodes S1 and S2 are amongst some of the best rental postcodes in the UK for rental yields. Proving there is still a lot of potential in Sheffield for investors. Below is collection of our property investment data for Sheffield

Postcode districtAvg asking priceAvg rental yieldAvg sold £/sqftMonthly Rental Turnover (%)Edit
S1£139,902.07.59 %£24684.79 %View
S10£440,739.04.18 %£293129.03 %View
S11£443,882.03.98 %£301118.09 %View
S12£214,430.06 %£192233.33 %View
S13£197,210.06.9 %£182211.11 %View
S14£143,980.00 %£130233.33 %View
S17£560,944.05.08 %£33175 %View
S18£378,209.04.13 %£277188.89 %View
S2£177,097.07.05 %£17488.7 %View
S20£244,601.05.32 %£226121.43 %View
S21£341,184.04.95 %£201257.14 %View
S25£263,738.05.27 %£185116.67 %View
S26£285,871.04.94 %£206330 %View
S3£157,954.08.76 %£24495.44 %View
S32£569,603.00 %£341500 %View
S33£459,490.00 %£313500 %View
S35£305,510.04.97 %£22796.97 %View
S36£319,179.04.74 %£21381.82 %View
S4£115,600.00 %£113450 %View
S40£268,523.05.14 %£217188.24 %View
S41£253,272.04.97 %£207130.77 %View
S42£322,924.04.7 %£229100 %View
S43£238,424.05.23 %£193134.38 %View
S44£300,479.04.63 %£184112.5 %View
S45£317,350.04.5 %£197117.39 %View
S5£150,478.06.92 %£155125.71 %View
S6£260,048.06.09 %£222166.23 %View
S60£259,072.05.26 %£203125.53 %View
S61£196,638.05.97 %£154152.63 %View
S62£191,451.05.9 %£140133.33 %View
S63£178,913.06.39 %£146165.85 %View
S64£173,336.06.13 %£148172.73 %View
S65£242,632.05.48 %£156176.19 %View
S66£277,864.05.11 %£192126.83 %View
S7£398,332.04.19 %£282100 %View
S70£194,238.06 %£139153.57 %View
S71£189,903.05.84 %£164165.22 %View
S72£231,607.05.16 %£15388.89 %View
S73£189,594.06.18 %£156146.15 %View
S74£196,796.05.91 %£157136.36 %View
S75£290,334.04.59 %£199117.95 %View
S8£288,189.05.49 %£242126 %View
S80£232,540.05.07 %£160156.36 %View
S81£296,381.04.69 %£19085.42 %View
S9£156,080.06.45 %£153157.14 %View

Average Sold Prices in Sheffield

5-year capital growth in Sheffield

YearAvg sold price+/-
2024£212,918-3.01 %
2023£219,516-1.95 %
2022£223,8936.36 %
2021£210,5118.63 %
2020£193,7946.01 %
2019£182,8093.24 %
2018£177,0793.95 %
2017£170,349- %
1-year growth
3-year growth
5-year growth

Rental Demand in Sheffield

Sheffield has some high yield postcodes with both our data and Totally Money ranking S1 & S2 as some of the highest average yield locations in the UK. S1 averaging 6.85% and S2 averaging 8.16%

Sheffield is one of a growing number of cities that are implementing licensing schemes. The scheme is currently limited to only a few inner city areas. You can find more information about their licensing scheme here.

If you‘re looking to enter the HMO market you will also need to follow Sheffields article 4 direction zones. Again, you can find more information here.

Property Values in Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the cheapest major cities in England to buy a property which makes it extremely popular with investors.

With a low barrier to entry this makes Sheffield increasingly popular with new property investors.

The Local Area

Sheffield has lots to offer residents and is one of the greenest major cities in the UK. The city finds itself on the edge of the Peak District National Park one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK.

Sheffield is also well connected it sits right next to the M1 motorway, one of the UK main road networks. There is also a tram network that connects the city with mainlines into the suburbs.

London will also only be 87 minutes away when the new HS2 project is completed giving commuters the possibility of greater travel flexibility/access to the capital. The effects of this project on property prices and rentals are still unknown but it‘s expected they will benefit both rental and property prices.