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2023 Manchester Property Data

Historical property prices, rents, yields & much for Manchester‘s residential property market

Manchester Property Market Summary

Manchester is a popular area for UK and foreign property investors. The city has one of the UK‘s fastest-growing populations making it favourable for investors. Manchester‘s increased popularity and regeneration have been mainly focused on the cites media links, culture and scientific/engineering output.

Due to the rapidly growing population mainly through migration from other parts of the UK, resulting in a huge demand for long-let properties. Postcodes such as M4 and M11 and seeing continued yields of around 8%. In addition to the professional market, the city also has the UK‘s largest student population outside of London meaning there is plenty of demand from students too. Below is collection of our property investment data for Manchester

Postcode districtAvg asking priceAvg rental yieldAvg sold £/sqftMonthly Rental Turnover (%)Edit
M1£280,736.06.6 %£35889.69 %View
M11£201,726.07.36 %£186120 %View
M12£205,895.07.7 %£19953.12 %View
M13£350,825.06.65 %£22080 %View
M14£278,363.07.09 %£227120.59 %View
M15£333,289.05.34 %£386106.04 %View
M16£299,061.05.96 %£272130.95 %View
M18£185,323.08.11 %£171141.94 %View
M19£293,143.06.46 %£253127.45 %View
M2£424,998.05.69 %£094.74 %View
M20£452,815.04.95 %£347166.12 %View
M21£467,045.04.6 %£356159.42 %View
M22£270,979.06.12 %£243140.98 %View
M23£308,534.06 %£245155.17 %View
M24£265,148.06.04 %£207168.75 %View
M25£355,260.05.27 %£263285.71 %View
M26£238,672.05.86 %£196178.79 %View
M27£264,429.05.93 %£22491.01 %View
M28£376,861.04.79 %£255148.21 %View
M29£268,209.05.33 %£223151.61 %View
M3£266,527.07.88 %£395124.78 %View
M30£309,818.06.79 %£233122.83 %View
M31£226,096.00 %£2140 %View
M32£342,724.05.37 %£261162.07 %View
M33£450,485.04.85 %£341180.23 %View
M34£263,866.05.77 %£222143.18 %View
M35£252,021.06.13 %£215131.03 %View
M38£187,269.06.56 %£14976.47 %View
M4£298,692.05.87 %£338137.3 %View
M40£238,073.06.7 %£194144.68 %View
M41£386,059.05.28 %£310146.43 %View
M43£228,210.06.62 %£211131.25 %View
M44£259,853.05.45 %£213123.08 %View
M45£409,097.05.02 %£239162.5 %View
M46£227,791.05.58 %£178231.58 %View
M5£235,015.06.65 %£298125.83 %View
M50£233,458.07.44 %£309133.94 %View
M6£215,645.07.22 %£222119.35 %View
M7£332,293.06.55 %£223131.67 %View
M8£238,385.07.31 %£183104.55 %View
M9£215,059.06.59 %£17489.58 %View

Average Sold Prices in Manchester

5-year capital growth in Manchester

YearAvg sold price+/-
2024£256,350-0.93 %
2023£258,768-2.7 %
2022£265,9436.19 %
2021£250,4349.09 %
2020£229,56210.98 %
2019£206,8423.99 %
2018£198,8976.36 %
2017£186,997- %
1-year growth
3-year growth
5-year growth

Rental Demand in Manchester

Manchester has one of the largest rental demands by volume outside of London. The city has grown to be one of the largest build to rent locations outside of London with large clusters of sky scrapers seen around the city‘s skyline. Rental prices in manchester are set to grow by nearly 16.5% over the next years which is more than any other city in the UK.

There are some key reasons for this continued and sustained growth in rental demand/prices.

1. High graduate retention rates and attractiveness to new graduates outside of the city. Over 45% of the population is under 35 which is good news for investors based on recent property buying patterns. As a recent report by the BBC found that over 1/3 of millennials will now rent their entire lives and another report by Savills claimed that Manchester retains over 60% of leavers from the city‘s universities.

2. Rapidly growing population and economy. Manchesters‘ population is currently growing at twice the rate of the rest of the UK. 80/100 FTSE 100 top 100 companies are also located in Manchester including Amazon, BBC and Kellogg‘s helping to build and attract a growing talent pool in the city. Even post COVID-19 developers have submitted plans for more than 2.6 million square feet of office space showing extremely high confidence in the job market.

Manchester Rental Yields

Current rental yields in Manchester are between 6-7%. The exact percentage differs depending on the number of rooms in the property. With a strong rental market and solid growth over the year, the figure could start to creep up as well.

Manchester Rental Prices

Average rental prices in Manchester are currently £1,295. This, of course, varies depending on room number. For HMOs, double rooms currently rent for £532/month on average. Single rooms rent for £436/month. These are based on properties with a shared bathroom.

Manchester House Prices

The average Manchester house price is currently £255,000. This is 15% up from the previous year, amounting to an increase of £34,900. To learn more detail about Manchester‘s house prices, see our page here