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2023 Liverpool Property Data

Historical property prices, rents, yields & much for Liverpool‘s residential property market

Liverpool is one of the UK‘s most culturally rich cities. Once famous for shipbuilding is now known for its footballing and musical connections around the world.

The city is mainly made up of terraced housing with an increasing number of new builds in the city centre which are attractive to investors. Larger family homes can be accessed in the leafy outskirts in areas such as Crosby.

Liverpool also houses one of the oldest and highest-ranked universities in the UK meaning a student let investment strategy could be potentially profitable in Liverpool. Below is collection of our property investment data for Liverpool

Postcode districtAvg asking priceAvg rental yieldAvg sold £/sqftMonthly Rental Turnover (%)Edit
L1£176,660.07.74 %£23936.77 %View
L10£223,143.05.99 %£16513.33 %View
L11£127,918.07.87 %£13070 %View
L12£300,029.05.1 %£19795.45 %View
L13£151,301.07.24 %£13356.45 %View
L14£191,905.06.32 %£175100 %View
L15£217,373.05.18 %£17224.03 %View
L16£350,480.00 %£25537.5 %View
L17£297,591.05.7 %£22835.05 %View
L18£394,463.04.24 %£26627.27 %View
L19£269,070.05.72 %£20641.67 %View
L2£150,305.08.66 %£23660.87 %View
L20£123,102.07.98 %£11237.78 %View
L21£152,937.07.4 %£13950 %View
L22£222,460.06.84 %£18656.1 %View
L23£374,952.05.04 %£22237.5 %View
L24£264,710.00 %£16277.78 %View
L25£332,926.06.02 %£23861.9 %View
L26£280,671.00 %£20240 %View
L27£153,797.00 %£157100 %View
L28£120,553.00 %£128100 %View
L3£204,209.07.88 %£22733.91 %View
L30£179,194.06.39 %£14172.73 %View
L31£283,589.05.81 %£21828.26 %View
L32£155,298.06.44 %£14246.15 %View
L33£172,804.08.26 %£15838.1 %View
L34£293,115.06.08 %£19536 %View
L35£271,453.05.58 %£18630 %View
L36£224,531.06.03 %£17044.44 %View
L37£465,097.05.68 %£26548.15 %View
L39£452,082.03.61 %£22930.34 %View
L4£113,836.09.15 %£10569.39 %View
L40£429,900.00 %£23650 %View
L5£141,639.07.51 %£12951.52 %View
L6£146,657.06.05 %£11339.9 %View
L7£153,181.07.09 %£15728.01 %View
L8£180,440.07.41 %£16230.26 %View
L9£142,612.08.08 %£12944.44 %View

Average Sold Prices in Liverpool

5-year capital growth in Liverpool

YearAvg sold price+/-
2024£245,06415.91 %
2023£211,421-1.1 %
2022£213,7802.53 %
2021£208,4949.85 %
2020£189,8018.22 %
2019£175,3884.06 %
2018£168,5511.19 %
2017£166,569- %
1-year growth
3-year growth
5-year growth

Rental Demand in Liverpool

Liverpool is a favourite amongst investors because of the high yield opportunities the city presents. A recent report by Totally Money found 6 postcodes in Liverpool are in the top 25 buy-to-let areas in the UK.

The highest-ranking of those postcodes is L7 which is the main city centre area along with Edge Hill, Fairfield and Kensington which are all popular student areas. The report found that investors were on average seeing yields of 9.79%. Other postcodes such as L1 and L2 also ranked highly with average yields of 9.33% and 6.8% respectively.

Portico also found that some of the best yields in Liverpool can be found through short term rentals. They claim some landlords are getting returns of up to 31% in Walton after moving to the short term market.

Property Values in Liverpool

You will be pleased to know Liverpool still has some of the lowest average house prices in the UK. Although Liverpool has seen strong price growth over the last 2/3 years which hasn‘t been the case historically with the city.

In 2021, Liverpool had the fastest growing property market in the UK with a growth of 10.6%. Find out more here

The Local Area

Liverpool won the European Capital of Culture back in 2008 and hasn‘t looked back since. Visit Britain now estimates that the city attracts over 839,000 tourists each year.

Liverpool also has an extensive public transport network known as Merseyrail. This provides quick access to the whole city meaning commute times are low opening up a variety of potential investment areas in the city.

Liverpool is also known for its vast shopping and nightlife scene. The main shopping destination in the city is the Liverpool One mall. For investors focusing on the student market, the main areas for student accommodation are; Kensington, Edge Hill, Wavertree, Childwall, Aigburth, Mossley Hill & Allerton.

Please note: The city of Liverpool runs a landlord licensing scheme which means in order to legally rent a property in that part of Liverpool you will need a licence. Licencing is also required in other areas in Liverpool but is set on a street by street level.

You can use the councils‘ postcode look-up tool here to check if your property qualifies.

You can also find out more information about the scheme at the following council page.