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2023 Coventry Property Data

Historical property prices, rents, yields & much for Coventry‘s residential property market

Coventry is a diverse and cohesive city with a young and growing population. The city has expanded rapidly over the last 5-10 years with a high rate of population growth.

Coventry is located in the centre of the UK and is known for its expertise in research & development and manufacturing. Battery development is one industry that has solidified its position within Convetry's economy. The UK Battery Industrialisation Center (UKBIC) is building a new hub near the airport which is estimated to deliver over 10,000 new jobs.

Coventry is also a large university town with a student population of over 54,000. Along with Coventry University, Warwick is also located in Coventry and is one of the UK's leading universities

Coventry's recent growth in population and positive economic outlook along with a strong student market make the city a great opportunity for property investors. Below is collection of our property investment data for Coventry

Postcode districtAvg asking priceAvg rental yieldAvg sold £/sqftMonthly Rental Turnover (%)Edit
CV1£210,867.06.92 %£20717.9 %View
CV10£251,185.05.15 %£22045.83 %View
CV11£301,750.04.92 %£25054.17 %View
CV12£282,954.04.71 %£22750 %View
CV13£549,830.04.85 %£28666.67 %View
CV2£215,998.06.31 %£21826.01 %View
CV21£255,526.05.78 %£24141.41 %View
CV22£390,357.04.49 %£27376.74 %View
CV23£434,685.04.43 %£28175 %View
CV3£309,105.05.39 %£25137.19 %View
CV31£326,880.05.77 %£32519.73 %View
CV32£462,232.04.46 %£35627.2 %View
CV33£441,922.04.39 %£34030.77 %View
CV34£395,147.05.1 %£33560.29 %View
CV35£650,153.04.61 %£33639.39 %View
CV36£624,736.04.36 %£32169.23 %View
CV37£491,286.05.48 %£33639.66 %View
CV4£331,050.05.93 %£26021.88 %View
CV47£416,477.05.34 %£30837.5 %View
CV5£321,489.04.63 %£25922.04 %View
CV6£220,543.05.97 %£22364.44 %View
CV7£455,509.04.91 %£28040.62 %View
CV8£510,884.04.41 %£36228.21 %View
CV9£375,718.04.36 %£237137.5 %View

Average Sold Prices in Coventry

5-year capital growth in Coventry

YearAvg sold price+/-
2024£332,0166.92 %
2023£310,537-3.25 %
2022£320,9803.7 %
2021£309,5159.13 %
2020£283,6206.24 %
2019£266,959-0.01 %
2018£266,9904.86 %
2017£254,616- %
1-year growth
3-year growth
5-year growth

Rental Demand in Coventry

From Property Market Intel data we can see that landlords are earning on average £1,000 per month. One-bed properties are achieving around £513 PCM, two-bed properties are going £937 PCM while three-bed properties are achieving £1,084.

Investors can expect to receive yields of around 5.9% in some areas of the city.

For landlords looking to access the HMO market in Coventry, there are additional licenses you need to be aware of. For example, HMOs in the city area that comprise of fewer than 5 persons will need to be licensed. There is also different legislation covering Section 257 HMOs where properties have been converted into self-contained flats. For full details on licensing legislation visit the Coventry City Council Website.

For investors looking to invest in the student market, the popular student areas include the city centre, Earlsdon, Stoke, Canley, Barras Heath and Stivichall. Warwick students also look for student lets in Leamington Spa, a separate small town south of Coventry.

Property Values in Coventry

Property prices in Coventry sit just under the UK average, which is around £274,000. This doesn't mean the market and opportunities are below average as the city has one of the hottest markets in the UK.

Property prices growth has been strong in Conventry with the city being popular with both property investors and also first-time buyers. At one point in 2020 Coventry was one of the fastest places to sell houses in the UK. This demand is set to continue as demand for housing outstrips the current supply in the area.