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2023 Bristol Property Data

Historical property prices, rents, yields & much for Bristol‘s residential property market

Bristol is one of the top ten largest cities in the UK. It‘s commonly featured as one of the most desirable places to live for young professionals outside of London.

Bristol has become a supercluster for a modern industry with a large and growing tech hub and a establish digital media sector. Bristol is growing to accommodate all these new residents and new jobs too. Temple Quarter is an upcoming major development to create a new urban quarter close to Bristol Temple Meads railway station. As well as a redeveloped station there will be 11,000 new homes and retail and leisure units, providing 17,000 jobs over 20 years. Below is collection of our property investment data for Bristol

Postcode districtAvg asking priceAvg rental yieldAvg sold £/sqftMonthly Rental Turnover (%)Edit
BS1£379,005.05.71 %£469140 %View
BS10£402,978.05.5 %£317147.76 %View
BS11£328,366.05.6 %£291162.5 %View
BS13£318,666.06.02 %£292342.86 %View
BS14£350,565.06.08 %£301135.29 %View
BS15£329,646.05.96 %£303119.18 %View
BS16£384,221.07.72 %£332102.57 %View
BS2£346,429.06.57 %£392143.57 %View
BS20£426,547.05.35 %£358121.82 %View
BS21£507,133.04.11 %£351116.22 %View
BS22£323,111.05.23 %£289195.24 %View
BS23£282,586.05.72 %£223116.47 %View
BS24£370,109.04.95 %£274178.95 %View
BS25£554,998.00 %£34180 %View
BS26£681,322.00 %£285185.71 %View
BS27£410,558.00 %£29661.54 %View
BS28£659,259.00 %£37160 %View
BS29£387,944.00 %£297100 %View
BS3£379,969.05.55 %£389230 %View
BS30£480,057.04.64 %£345164.29 %View
BS31£511,740.05.49 %£353360 %View
BS32£436,229.06.07 %£385115.71 %View
BS34£351,313.05.87 %£338108.28 %View
BS35£468,634.05.05 %£333142.11 %View
BS36£527,397.04.27 %£344118.18 %View
BS37£423,770.05.05 %£319146.34 %View
BS39£521,540.04.22 %£304210 %View
BS4£363,291.05.74 %£326165.33 %View
BS40£688,938.03.99 %£340100 %View
BS41£656,048.00 %£397157.14 %View

Average Sold Prices in Bristol

5-year capital growth in Bristol

YearAvg sold price+/-
2024£322,063-8.3 %
2023£351,2150.15 %
2022£350,6767.12 %
2021£327,3645.22 %
2020£311,1317.46 %
2019£289,5231.33 %
2018£285,7163.61 %
2017£275,755- %
1-year growth
3-year growth
5-year growth

Rental Demand in Bristol

Property prices might be higher in Bristol than other similar-sized cities but the rental market is equally as strong. High rental demand is partly due to a large percentage of young residents who struggle to get on the property ladder due to the high prices.

In 2021, we observed an average yield of 5.10% in Bristol. Although not one of the highest in the UK it‘s still a strong yield and a popular market.

For investors looking to tap into the student market. Popular locations include Clifton, Redland, Cotham, St. Andrew‘s, Filton, Fishponds and Horfield.

Property Values in Bristol

Property prices in Bristol are higher than the UK average due to its popularity. An average property in Bristol will likely set you back £280,000+.

However, this high entry level will provide stable and long term returns that can‘t be guaranteed in other lower prices cities in the UK.

The Local Area

As mentioned previously Bristol is becoming the a hub for new technology industries. Once a traditional port town is now one of the top ten cities in Europe for tech according to a recent report by CBRE.

As mentioned previously, investors should pay close attention to the Temple Quater as a new and up and coming area. The University of Bristol is planning a new £300m campus in this area and will potentially expand student number by up to 30%.

Other areas to keep an eye on are the development plans for Filton Airfield. The plans so far are to build in the region of 2,675 homes along with a new 16,000 seater venue.