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Add our data directly to Rightmove, Zoopla & OnTheMarket listings

Add our Google Chrome extension to get our data directly on listings pages so you can analyse properties quicker. We understand users still like surfing their favourite portal so we bring our data with you.

Add in under 30 seconds

Our extensions adds live property data from our platform straight to your property listing.

  • Days on the market
  • Accurate £/sqft data
  • Average rent in the area for properties with the same number of bedrooms
  • Average Asking prices for properties with the same number of bedrooms
  • Estimated annual yield for the property based on local comparables
  • Number of recent planning applications in the local area
  • Stamp Duty calculations
  • Historical chart of asking prices for properties with the same number of bedrooms
  • Historical chart of rental prices for properties with the same number of bedrooms
199% UK coverage
1Unlimited searches

Install and User Guide

Our planning table provides an alternative way to view planning applications after your search. With our planning table, all data can be downloaded to CSV for your own further research and analysis.

Step 1

The first step is going to the Google Web store and adding the extension to your browser. The button below will take you directly to the store.

Step 2

Once you've added your extension all you need to do is navigate to a listing page with a property for sale and the extension will pop out with additional data like magic.


Very good website if you are a property investor/landlord of any size. All comparison information is available on this website and the price is extremely good value for what you get.

Cameron Stone

Property Investor (England)


Great system, saves loads of time compared to going through the portals individually - also helps to spot the deals before competition!

Steven Musgrove

Property Investor (England)


Great platform, I can say hands down that I would not have found my last 2 acquisitions if it was not for this service. Even more impressive recently was when I reached out to the support team and twice have had a response back in minutes.

Archie Smith

Property Investor (England)