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The Best Way To Conduct Property Market Analysis (and to save time!)


Written by Domenico Davis

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Time is the most valuable thing you can spend

Trying to carry out property market analysis on your own can seem like a daunting task. However, with the help of Property Market Intel, the UK's #1 Property Intelligence Platform you can calculate exactly where to invest, what to invest in and how to optimise your long term and short-term rental rates.

'What gets measured gets done.' By measuring your time, you can evaluate whether you're spending it wisely. (Otherwise, how could you identify areas that need adjustment?) Eliminate time-wasting, old fashioned research practices and opt for a one stop online shop - like Property Market Intel!

Initial property market analysis

The chances are, if you have ever bought or sold a home, you'll know a thing or two about figuring out the value of a property. Quite simply if the asking price is too high, the likelihood of the home being sold greatly decreases. Alternately, if a home you are looking to sell is priced too low, you'll miss out on potential profits. It's exactly the same if you're a landlord renting out a property.

After you've found a suitable rental property that's caught your eye, you'll want to keep yourself right by crying out a pre-purchase evaluation. For example, it's worth checking neighbouring planning applications, analysing local demographics and future rental and property demand.

Following a purchase and possible remodel, to make sure a property is priced accordingly, a through property market analysis should always be carried out, before selling on, or renting out. This analytical research will compare the values of similar properties in the area to calculate an accurate market price.

Property market analysis you can trust

There are lots of factors to consider when performing a property market analysis. However, don't feel stressed - it is completely manageable with an organised approach, and the right help. Here @ Property Market Intel, our software tools are powered by over 35 million data points covering the whole of the UK. We know time is money, that's why we've developed comprehensive research methodology. This lets us provide our customers with superior functionality and fast data checks. We're dedicated to helping you derive commercial advantage by providing information from 32+ trusted sources, to deliver unrivalled insights into the property market.

Here @ Property Market Intel we also provide ourselves on providing our users with ongoing support. We give you instant valuations on every property in your portfolio, updated every week. You can email us at any point with a technical query, and we strive to offer a simple, no contract, unlimited usage approach to property market analysis. Furthermore, our simple pricing allows you the flexibility to cancel at any time. Every Property Market Intel account comes with a seven-day free trial, which means just that - there are no strings attached. You can use the platform completely free for 7 days. Find out for yourself just how much your research productivity can improve in a short space of time with Property Market Intel.

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