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The Best Buy-to-Let Areas in Glasgow in 2023


Written by Lewis Ridley

Updated over a week ago

If you’re looking to take your investment strategy up North to Scotland, Glasgow is a great city to investigate. With an average yield of 7.3%, it promises a solid return on investment for landlords. However, if you don’t know the area, where should you begin your search?

For quick reference, the best buy-to-let areas in Glasgow are:

1. G21 - Germinston, Sighthill, Barmulloch
2. G22 - Milton, Balmore, Hillend
3. G1 - City Centre
4. G5 - Gorbals and Kingston
5. G14 - Scotstoun
6. G2 - Blythswood Hill
7. G20 - Maryhill & Ruchill
8. G3 - Sandyford
9. G11 - Thornwood, Partick, and Broomhill
10. G4 - Townhead

This guide will go into each area and investigate what makes it a good place in Glasgow for buy-to-let properties. Let’s jump straight in.

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G21 – Germinston, Sighthill, Barmulloch

G21 is one of the best areas in Glasgow for buy-to-let properties. This area is situated in the north to north-east of Glasgow and includes areas like Germinston, Sighthull, and Barmulloch. This area has decent prices and offers promising yields for investors after solid cashflow.

The yield in this area is upwards of 10%, which is one of the highest yields in the UK. This is the result of low property prices, which are currently averaging at just under £100,000. Which is astonishingly cheap when you compare that to the UK average.

G22 – Milton, Balmore, Hillend

G22 is another good spot if you’re after investment properties in Glasgow. G22 includes areas like Milton, Balmore, and Hillend, and is situated just north of the city centre.

This area has another high yield of 9%, which will likely bring in a very strong cashflow for investors looking for monthly profits.

G1 – City Centre

The city centre (G1) also makes it on to this list. Despite being the centre, prices are still affordable, and yields are fantastic. Because this location is so close to local transport links and amenities are close by, this location is great for landlords looking for young professionals.

The centre has a great yield of 9%, which single bed properties producing even better yields in some cases. House prices here are still good despite the location. At the time of writing, house prices are around £158,000.

G5 – Gorbals and Kingston

G5 is another good postcode to investigate if you’re an investor looking for buy-to-let properties. G5 includes areas like Gorbals and Kingston and is located just south of the city centre. Like G1, this location has great access to transport links and is great fir young professionals due to its proximity to the centre.

G5 benefits from strong yields in the 9% range and the average house price is very good as well. At the time of writing, you can expect to pay around £151,000. The reason the yield is so high is because of the rental asking price, which is around £1000.

G2 – Blythswood Hill

G2 is another location close to the centre that makes for a good choice if you’re after a buy-to-let area. This area includes places like Blythswood Hill and is incredible close to Glasgow Queen Street station, offering connections to neighbouring cities.

Yields here are around 8%, with some property types going up to 9% (such as single let properties). House prices are a little steeper here. You can expect to pay £237,000, which is more than the other locations on this list.

G3 – Sandyford

G3 includes places like Sandyford and is a decent location for buy-to-let opportunities in Glasgow. This is a well-off area situated near Glasgow’s West End, so expect nicer areas and more expensive properties. If you’re a landlord, you’ll likely be catering for students, young professionals, and families.

As for yields, they’re a little less than other areas on this list, sitting at 7%. However, if you’re lucky, you can find yields as high as 8% with certain property types. In terms of average prices, you’ll be forking out £265,000 for a property here. Although this is nothing compared to, say, London, it is still a lot for Glasgow.

Growth has been good here as well with the area achieving a 20% increase over a 3-year period. Not bad at all.

G11 – Thornwood, Partick, and Broomhill

G11 is also near Glasgow’s West End but contains Thornwood, Partick, and Broomhill. This is a nice area without any serious crime or issues. Prices are a little lower than G3 but still expect to pay a little more than other areas on this list.

In G11, you can expect to achieve a rental yield of 7% with some properties achieving 8%. This probably a result of the slightly inflated average price, which is sitting at £195,000 at the time of writing. Still, landlords who are looking to invest here can still warrant a decent monthly income.

Growth in this area has been great despite the already high prices – over a 3-year period prices have increase by 18%.

G4 – Townhead

The final location in this list is G4, which contains places like Townhead. G4 is situated north of the centre and Glasgow Caledonian University and Sighthill Park. Despite being last on the list, investors looking for buy-to-let opportunities are sure to find good deals here.

Yields here are around 7% regardless of property type, so they’re the lowest on this list. Average property price is around £186,000, which isn’t bad considering the postcode is close to the city centre.

Because of the young professional population, however, yields are still great. You can achieve upwards of 5-6%. Growth is also on the rise, increasing by 3.3% over the last 3 years.

Summing it up

Glasgow is a great, cheap area for buy-to-let opportunities, and presents itself as a low-barrier-to-entry for landlords looking to get their first property. With the list above, you’ll be able to know where to prioritise your search if you’re after strong cashflow.

If you want to see any more articles like this and learn about other buy-to-let areas, see our knowledge centre for more.

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