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How to Use Property Sourcing Software to Find Better Deals


Written by Lewis Ridley

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There are plenty of ways to find great deals. However, many of them require manual outreach or hours of research - time property sourcers and investors simply don’t have.

To speed things up, property sourcing software offers a unique way to filter through the data and discover opportunities in seconds as opposed to hours.

This article will dive into how you can start incorporating software into your property sourcing process. Let’s jump straight in.

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Brings All the Data into One Place

As a property sourcer or investor, you’ll likely have to either choose one platform (Rightmove, One the Market, or Zoopla) and stick with it, or jump awkwardly between them. With property sourcing software, this isn’t the case.

Sourcing software and platforms pull data in from all the major sites like Rightmove, Zoopla, and On the Market to bring comprehensive data and all the on-market properties available. Then you can filter through the listings without having to jump between different websites.

As well as listings, property sourcing software also pulls in precise, up-to-date data from Land Registry to provide unique insights in things like planning permission, land ownership, and plot size.

Better yet, all this data gets pulled into a convenient dashboard that you can navigate with ease. With our various options, you can find the best properties and save hours of research.

Provides Unique Filters

Because property sourcing software pulls data in from just about every available source, it can provide unique filters for the exact property types you’re searching for.

With the software’s scrapers, it can analyse the descriptions of listings and pull-out key phrases that indicate what kind of property it might be. Using this, it can then create filters for things like:

Cash-only buyersRenovation projectsSlow to sell propertiesStudent propertiesTenanted properties• And much more

So, if you’re a property sourcer who only looks for unique or specific deals, you can filter out all the properties you know you won’t be interested in. This can save hours of time and deliver perfect properties in minutes.

Targeted Off-Market Sourcing Opportunities

If you’ve ever tried finding properties off-market, you’ll know it’s a pain to do. You have to identify a street or area you want to research, write hundreds of letters, and then go around posting them out. You can pay a service to do it for you, but these can be pricey.

With property sourcing software, you can research properties in specific postcodes and filter them based on your specific criteria. You can then write one letter, save it as a script, and send it to all the addresses with the click of a button.

You could even set up call tracking with specific campaigns, so you know how effective each mail drop is. Then, you can optimise your approach and improve with the more mail drops you send.

Accelerate the Due Diligence Process

As sourcing software pulls in data from just about everywhere, it gives you access to easy research and evaluation tools to make due diligence an easier process.

You investigate the valuation of properties in specific postcodes, quickly see how much rooms are renting for (including HMOs) and assess whether an opportunity is right for you.

After all, most property deals seem great when taken on face value. However, when you dig in, there could be some nasty surprised waiting, such as lack of rental demand and restricted planning permission. With sourcing software, you’ll know all this beforehand without hours of research.

So, if digging into the nitty-gritty elements of a deal is a pain-staking process for you, software can make dramatically easier.

Try for Free

If you’re a property deal sourcer looking to speed up the process and find bargains quicker, utilising the power of software is a great way to do it.

Property sourcing software is fairly cheap and will only make finding deals easier, which means you’ll be able to send more properties to your investor lists. Therefore, it’s likely to pay for itself.

Property Market Intel is the cheapest sourcing software available and allows you to research, source, and evaluate properties at scale. If you want to see how powerful our platform is, you can grab a free trial now.

However, if you just want to see more informative articles like this, see our knowledge centre.

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