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How Much Does Japanese Knotweed Devalue Property


Written by Lewis Ridley

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Japanese knotweed is a frustrating weed that can cause a ton of problems for homeowners and landlords. Not only does it make for a more difficult sale, but it also devalues properties.

According to recent research, Japanese knotweed can devalue a property up to 15-20%. This percentage can vary depending on the extent of knotweed on the property. In some cases, have the value might decrease by 5%. In others, the property’s value might plummet more than 20% if the infestation is severe.

In either case, it is important to speak to a professional on how it’ll impact your property’s value. That’s if you have it at this current point in time.

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How Much Does It Cost to Remove Japanese Knotweed?

The cost to remove of Japanese knotweed from a property will typically cost between £3000 to £5000. This cost will obviously vary depending on the severity of the infestation, the land it has occupied, and the company you use to remove it.

These prices will usually include a full treatment and monitoring plan. If the company you use it reputable, they’ll normally have an insurance guarantee that spans several years as well.

Is it Possible to Remove Knotweed Yourself?

No, it is not advisable to try and remove Japanese knotweed yourself. DIY removals are not very successful and even if they are, the potential buyer won’t look fondly at the unprofessional removal and monitoring plan.

Get a professional to do it for you and save yourself the headaches that come with a DIY job.

If You Can’t Remove the Knotweed, Can You Still Sell the House?

You can sell a house with Japanese knotweed. However, you are legally required to notify the new potential buyer of the presence of the knotweed. You need the make them aware of the issue and how bad it is. In some cases, you may even be required to pay for the removal.

Never try to hide the fact a property has Japanese knotweed, even if you have only spotted one plant.

Make your estate agent aware of the issue immediately, they’re used to dealing with these kinds of issues and can advise on how to best approach the sell. Failing to do so may lead to a legal claim by a buyer.

Also be aware it’ll take longer to sell a property with knotweed.

If you want to get rid of the property as quickly as possible, putting the property on auction or offering it to cash buyers might be the preferred method.

Just be aware the property will be bought at a steep discount before the Japanese knotweed is even taken into consideration.

Summing it up

Japanese knotweed is an annoying weed that can cause detrimental damage to a property’s value. If you have spotted the plant on your property and are looking to sell, get a professional in immediately.

Japanese knotweed can decrease the value of a property by 20% (and more!), so it’s not something you want to leave.

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